Of course, you’ve all spectacularly missed the point about privilege being gender neutral. The few white males at the top ignores that the vast majority of white males are nowhere near the top, and are just as underprivileged as most women(this encompasses all of human history). Yet somehow it’s acceptable to claim the top white males are representative of white male privilege, whilst the women at the top are not likewise representative of female privilege. We find it acceptable to measure individual white males, not by even their average characteristic wage or privilege, but by the top performers in their group, while the mere mention of average characteristics of women is sexism. In addition, we don’t credit white males as a group for literally erecting modern civilization with all that entails, but we’re fine with crediting them today with the moral failings of the past (even if women were equally complicit in their own “oppression” eg the vote).

In addition, all the male deaths (95%) in the workplace aren’t representative of female privilege. Full control of fertility, in which women can choose to become a mother or not while men have no such choice, is somehow not an instance of female privilege. Men are four times more likely to be assaulted or killed in society than women, but this isn’t female privilege. Roughly 15% of men win sole custody of their children, while most have limited or no visitation while still being consigned to levying a crippling portion of their income to support <i>the mother</i>, the reverse representing about 3% of cases, and this isn’t a case of female privilege. Women are outperforming men in schooling from start to finish, and making more when they come out of school, but this isn’t female privilege. Women receive an average of 17-30% shorter sentences, or aren’t convicted, for the same crimes as men. Again, not privilege apparently, it’s all about the Benjamins.

All of these counter cases are suffered by the vast majority of men, top to bottom in society, purely based on their gender. The latter points referring to men who have no control over their own fertility, save a “vasectomy” or just not having sex. One need only ponder the response I would likely receive from you lot for claiming women don’t need contraception, they can just get their tubes tied or stop being irresponsible, to grasp how misandric that response is to me.

No call for more women in waste management? Forestry? Construction? No calls for reforming schools to fix the gender gap in education attainment? No concern for the widening gender gap in unemployment (hint: it’s not more unemployed women)? You don’t want more women in male dominated fields, you want more women in high paying, low risk fields; let the men do all that low-paying, high risk work. That is, after all, what a privileged class does.

Let me guess, if you get women into top spots in society, the wealth will…hmmm, what’s a good phrase here…ah yes, <i>trickle down</i> to the rest of their “class”. Working swimmingly for men.

Now you want to moan about how everyone else isn’t lining up to pay for childcare for women who, apparently, don’t know how birth control works. No one ever “did it all”, that was the function of marriage. Despite all the research decrying the poor behavior of children from single-parent households (a PC-friendly term as we all know it’s largely single mothers), despite having full control of their fertility, women are still having children when they’re not financially stable, don’t have time for them, can’t look after them, and are uninterested in marriage (the only system that provided for children in the past) even to have a man at home.

This is not a problem we need to look to the state to solve, it’s a problem we need to look to women to stop creating. However, this horrid patriarchy, in which men strive to preserve the privilege of men, will change the corporate culture and “provide affordable childcare” for an unprecedented model of an individual life plan (something men were never provided). It will mandate representation of women in all the most privileged positions, and nary a peep about putting a sledgehammer or a chainsaw in the hands of even one more woman.

You’re stated position is in direct opposition to your movement’s aims and campaigns. You don’t want equality for women, you want all the goodies, none of the crap. Fine. Fuck you, fight for it.


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